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Gillian John-Khodra
School Guidance Counsellor
Tel.#: 1-758-4546350, Ext.224
Email: gkhodra@vfcss.edu.lc

Welcome to the VFCSS Counselling Department’s Corner! I have been the School’s Counsellor from 2010. I also served as a teacher assigned to the department, as well as School Counsellor of VFCSS Campus A during the years 2007-2010. I earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology and HRM from the University of the West Indies and a Masters of Arts Degree in Counselling Psychology from Trinity Western University, British Columbia. During this latter period of studies, I engaged in a transforming stint of development as I had the opportunity to complete a nine hundred (900) hours of hybrid practicum/internship at Fraser River Counselling: Langley, Ministry of Children & Family Development: Abbottsford and at an inner city school in British Columbia. At these sites, I honed my skills in CBT centered group counselling for adolescents and children, Multicultural Counselling with First Nations clients, Individual Counselling with adolescents with comorbid disorders and Couples, Family, and Crisis Counselling. These are the multifaceted experiences that I now draw from as I develop my practice as a School & Guidance Counsellor. Being fully immersed at a two tier secondary school which boasts of amazing students and staff, with a heartbeat that dictates change and growth as the only constant, I therefore remain personally and professionally motivated, current and growth oriented.

Mrs. Sherma James-Antoine, Teacher Assigned, Tel #: 1-758-454-6350 (Ext.224), Email: sjames.antoine@vfcss.edu.lc

Counsellors’ Message

The saying that you never miss the water until the well runs dry, rings true for us in many ways. Well, we certainly have to admit how much we miss seeing and hearing you our students and colleagues as you saunter around at the VFCSS brick and mortar classroom/school. The silence in our own homes can certainly be deafening these days ;-) .                                                                                                                                                       We wish to use Google Classroom (Classroom Code: xwndiqr) as an opportunity for us to connect and find ways of reaching out to you, should you or a friend or classmate need any support ( help with assignments, basic needs, support services) from us. We are here to serve you!
We can only imagine how much you too miss being physically present at VFCSS to see your teachers, hang out with friends, freak out when time permits or even have a meal at the canteen or from the school's vendors. These are things we often take for granted but are things we value deeply. In spite of the lost of many freedoms as we know it and the many fears and concerns that we have because of COVID-19 or losses that you and your family have or are facing, we believe that you have what it takes to fight these challenges head on. You are Resilient! I implore you to look within yourself and harness your strengths. Stay Connected! Look to your friends, family, teachers, church and community leaders that you feel closest to for support. Physical Distancing does not mean complete social isolation. Stay connected safely on the various devices you possess, help out an elderly person for example who may need support or even assist a school mate who does not own a device while ensuring that you follow all the health protocols!                                                                                                                  Parents and teachers we are also available to serve you as well. Do feel free to connect with us via our school's email first so that we can set up chat times with you via Google Hangouts. Parents, this app is also available in Google Suite which your children are already accessing through their school's email. We look forward to hearing from you!                                                                                                   
Remember that you are not in this alone. Although we each have our own individual experiences, we share many common threads that can allow us to empathize and love on each other! In so doing we will each emerge as much stronger individuals and as a VFCSS community we will "have each others back". May God continue to grant you peace and grace in abundance as you journey on.                                                                                                                      More Blessings,                                                                                                                                       Mrs. G. Khodra & Mrs. S. Antoine                                 
The Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School Counselling Department welcomes students, parents and staff back to the physical plant for the academic year 2020-2021. We trust that you had as restful and enjoyable a vacation as you possible could during the ” new normal”. As you prepare for the reopening, we encourage you to have a read or view the postings below, as they may assist in helping with the transtion from virtual school to the brick and motar classroom. May our Good God and Father continue to guide and protect each one of you as you embark on this journey!


Lets Encourage our students/children to process that regardless of their age or the fact that there is no reported community spread, they are still at risk of contracting covid-19. Basic hygiene protocols and taking a socially responsible stance will help reduce risks.

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Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health As They Return To School




Foods To Build Immune System: Also consider local produce which can be grown in your backyard or containers.
Establishing Multi- Level Self Care Routines


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