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Imagine that every child has a cup that needs to be filled with affection, love, security and attention. Some seem to have a full cup most the time, or they good ways to get a refill. It’s only natural for children to get nervous from time to time when their cup get near to empty, we just have to be there to support them.

We can measure many aspects of children’s health – how much they weigh, how many portions of fruit and veg they eat, the number of times the tooth fairy has visited. But a child’s mental wellbeing – their ability to function in society, handle their feelings and cope with the demands life throws at them – is much harder to quantify.

Healthcare professionals have seen an increase in the number of youths being treated for anxiety and depression. Taking care of your child’s mental health can seem daunting, but with a few simple steps you can create an environment where they feel more comfortable discussing their emotions from a young age.

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Parent Engagement Video Message: District Counsellor VI, Mr. Pius Stephen

This week and for the weeks ahead we would like to encourage the use of affirmations. Please take some time to read and practice the content covered in the above downloadable document.